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Dear Richard, Your seafood is outstanding! I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon your site, and eaten the scallops and the salt cod! We swooned when we ate the scallops on the grill! My boyfriend is hardly a fan of scallops, but he said these were the best he ever had–And it was the first time he cooked them on the grill! And on Saturday it was my birthday, and we made the Salt Cod in Pil-Pil sauce–It was OUT of This World!!!! I saved one package for the future, now that we know how to do the pil-pil. It was not easy to make the sauce, but now that we tried, it will be easier. The cod was so delicious, we didn’t care that the sauce was not perfect in consistency! Haven’t tried the rest of the fish yet, but very much looking forward to it! Thank you for your wonderful service, skill, and the love you bring to the work you do! We will order from you again, happily! ~Roxanne– Roxanne A. NY | Sept 19, 2016

Richard, Thank you for your personal note on the invoice and birthday wish. The kippers are fantastic. I grew up with my dad buying them in the store and cooking them at home. The aroma and taste stayed with me. The experience of cooking and eating your kippers reminded me of my childhood. I consider finding you and your company a blessing. I look forward to many years of having kippers for dinner. Thanks for making that possible. Vic – Vic F. CA | April 4, 2016

Finnan Haadies are great!! Best since we left Scotland. In fact they are better than the ones at home!!– Thomas M. WA | March 11, 2016

Hi! We had the first of the finnan haddie last night and it’s amazing! Much different from what we have gotten here…which can be like haddock jerky. This was, as promised, plump and fabulous! thank you again! Mary – Mary K. PA | Feb 29, 2016

I recieved my Kippers, and it took me back to Arbroath, walking through town in my youth and smelling the fish being smoked Thank you, Fred.– Fred M. NJ | Dec 3, 2015

Hi Richard, Absolutely delicious!!!! Wish I had bought way more but will be placing future orders with you. Your recipe with the leek sauce is awesome but I also love it just steamed in a colander over boiling water till cooked, then plated and topped with butter…..yum!! Best, Pam– Pam P. CT | Dec 2, 2015

Hi Richard, The Finnan haddie arrived a short while ago. I immediately opened one packet and cooked it. Just as delicious as the last order you sent me. I pray you never go out of business. I’m so glad to have found your company. Finnan haddie is one of the things I miss a lot from home. Now I don’t have to wait to make a trip home to eat it. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Kind regards, Lynda – Lynda Q. CA | Nov 27, 2015

Thank you, Richard! I’ve been to Scotland this year. I’ve tried haddie smoked different styles in different smoke houses. I also had a chance to eat a few versions of real cullen skink. What you are doing here in the U.S. is priceless! Thank you for being here and making wonderful finnan haddie available for us! — Katya– Katya L. TX | Nov 25, 2015

Richard: You may remember me from last summer. I am Jerry Downs’ old friend. Before I left I bought two packs of smoked haddock from you. They survived the trip back to Ohio, were re-frozen, thawed, frozen again, then thawed again, and then made into the most wonderful finnan haddie I have ever tasted. It is just wonderful! Jim – Jim S. OH | Oct 30, 2015

Hi Richard, The Kippers and the Finnan Haddie were so delicious!!!!! Thank you for making such wonderful products. I will definitely tell my friends about your company and the great products you produce.
Have a great day, Clara– Clara L. CA | Oct 28, 2015

Received the smoke haddock this morning and had a piece with my eggs….GREAT…Its a never to find item in the stores locally. I travel to England for years and Smoked haddock was the first thing my wife would cook for me once home. They have the light and also the dark yellow that has a much bolder taste and its never dyed ,just smoked longer I believe. Again…A Great Product..Russ – Russ M. NH | Oct 23, 2015

Hi Richard, first let me tell you we adore your finnan haddie couldn’t believe our luck when I found you, coming from North of England we re brought up with haddie and kippers we now think we’ve died and gone to heaven, anyway I’m contacting to find out when to expect my order, I placed it 8/25 second day air, hope it’s not got lost. Thank again for your wonderful fish. Avril.– Avril C. CO | Aug 29, 2015

Hi Richard: UPS delivered at 4 pm yesterday. By 6pm we enjoyed the best smoked haddock we have had in many, many years. Simply delicious, Julie and I cannot wait to try the kippers! The balance of your order are reposing quietly in our freezer… but not for long I fear. Thanks for superb smoked fish products.
Tony (Ex Pats: Wales and Yorkshire) – Anthony W. GA | May 14, 2015

Richard: Sandy and I have ordered Finnan Haddie, Smoked Cod and Scallops from you on several occasions. Our thank you to you is long overdue. Your fish is without equal. Finnan Haddie is a taste from my childhood, and increasingly difficult to find. I feel so lucky to have found your business. Generally I will use my mother’s recipe for creamed Finnan Haddie for a very special treat and your wonderful product as a starting point always satisfies.

Jean (Forsey) Ouellette’s Creamed Finnan Haddie: Poach the fish in a shallow pan with just enough whole milk to cover 3/4 of the fillets. When the fish is flakey remove the fish. Pour off and reserve the poaching milk. In a large skillet, saute a sweet onion in a few tablespoons of butter with a bay leaf and salt and pepper to taste. When the onion is soft and clarified, add a tablespoon of freshly chopped parsley and a tablespoon of flour or corn starch to create a light roux. Slowly add the reserved milk to create a smooth sauce. Remove the skin from the fish, flake and add to the sauce. Simmer for a few minutes. Serve over a good sized baked Maine Russet potato, split and buttered. Add a little sherry if you like. The comfort food of comfort foods. Thank you for your time and effort to produce such superior products. Peter and Cassandra – Peter & Cassandra O. PA | March 29, 2015

Just wanted to say our order arrived in good shape on Wednesday and we have used the first pack to prepare an appetizer for a dinner party tonight. I was in the fish business in England prior to retirement and us moving here and am thrilled to have found someone who can supply one of the few food items that we have missed down in Florida, and to a quality that matches anything I can remember from England or Scotland!
Many thanks and we will be back for more. Kind regards, Paul – Paul B. FL | March 7, 2015

No questions, just cheers and raves. The finnan haddie was out of this world. Reminds me of my Mom’s when I was coming up. A great memory. Thank you for your mastery of your craft.– Mary B. OH | Dec 20, 2014

Richard : My parcel arrived in great shape and right on time. Beautifully packed and in great condition. Many thanks. Loved the greens enclosed. It is now in my wreath on my front door!
I have a wonderful recipe for a sort of Scottish chowder made of haddock. You cook 1 lb. of haddock in 2 cups of milk. When it is done, remove the fish from the milk, add 2 cups of peeled and cubed potato, and 1 onion, peeled and chopped and more milk if needed. Cook until done. Puree. Put back in the saucepan – add the flaked cooked fish. Adjust the seasoning (usually only a bit of pepper) and if you are feeling decadent, some heavy cream. Warm again but don’t boil – eat and enjoy. Best wishes Caroline G.– Caroline G. OR | Dec 19, 2014

Hi Richard, Your smoked haddock is delicious. I associate my childhood with an Anglo-Indian meal – Kedgeree and recently saw this recipe (attached). A thorough search for Smoked Haddock locally was fruitless. Went online and there you are! Regards, Thalia D.– Thaila D. CT | Nov 20, 2014

Richard, Thank you for the reply; it’s good to know that the smoked cod will be there once I’ve consumed my order of Finnan Haddie. BTW, I’ve had the opportunity to sample the scallops and the FH and the quality was literally amazing. The piece of Haddock I had was not only the best FH I have ever had, but was also the best piece of fish I’ve had in twenty years! (No hyperbole, and I am a super taster and foodie…) Thank-you for the experience!

My mom was a British war bride and a favorite childhood dish was the Cod FH that was readily available in the NY suburbs at the time, and I didn’t sample the haddock FH till adulthood. We used to love the thin smokier tail sections and would slowly warm them in a stick of butter and then sop up that luscious smoky, fishy, salty butter with warm crusty bread… – Michael Mc. MI | Nov 12, 2014

Not a question but a sincere compliment. We received our order of finnan haddy this afternoon. Still very cold despite the 90 F temp outside. Where have you been all my life!!!?? The aroma of the cooking was a memory of 50 years ago, the quality of the product defies all of Roget’s Thesaurus definition of, “delicious”. We are so glad that I Googled, “finnan haddie,” and found you. Than you, thank you, thank you. “finnan Haadie”.– David W. CA | Oct 8, 2014

Richard. The fish are a 10 plus. I grew up on finnan haddie and kippers . 70 years eating them. Not only are they up there with the best, but the plus is from the fact that I don’t recall ever having kippers deboned, except by my mother.  Thanks. – Howard V. FL | Sept 17, 2014

Richard: I have loved Kippered Herring since before I could walk. I was lucky to grow up in an area and during a time when excellent cured and smoked fish were highly prized and central to my family’s dining. Your Kippered Herring is the best I have ever had – balanced, perfectly cured, smoked to perfection. I am not reticent to say that I have nearly 60 years of experience upon which to draw, including two formal culinary degrees. These Kippers are absolutely at the top of the game. Thank you for adding these to your formidable repertoire.– Willard C. OH | May 16, 2014

Richard’s kippers for breakfast… These kippers are incredible. Not too salty, not too smoky. Elegant. Perfection!– Katya L. TX | April 17, 2014

My order arrived quicker than expected…it was packed in a styrofoam case ( including a ChillPak and a recipe ) with a sturdy close fitting cardboard box on the out side. We are delighted with our Smoked Haddock…On the day it arrived I’d made a Shepherds pie for supper…I took it out of the oven. and we had our first taste of our favorite fish in the USA… and we’ve been here 10 yrs!! It’s the best tasting Smoked Haddock we’ve ever had…and I will be placing a regular order…also going to see if I can get smoked mackerel too.. 5 Stars for Stonington Seafood!– Laura K. PA | April 1, 2014

Dear Mr. Penfold, First, I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed my first order of Finnan Haddie. I have been craving the creamed Finnan Haddie that my grandmother used to make for the better part of 20 years. Ironically, my grandmother didn’t enjoy fish as much as the rest of us. We are from Salt Lake City, Utah and we purchased our Finnan Haddie from Bratton’s Seafood Market/Restaurant until they closed down many years ago. My grandfather Alexander Easton was obviously Scottish and loved creamed Finnan Haddie over red baked potatoes or toast. It has been one of my favourite comfort foods for as long as I can remember.
After purchasing a pound for myself to authenticate it’s flavour. I was able to recreate a very delicious meal, a cherished memory, and a feeling of comfort that I had not experienced since the passing of my grandparents. Thank you so much. The flavour was so right that I knew I could ship some to my mother in Utah for her 70th birthday. She has also missed Finnan Haddie as much as I have.
Secondly, I have been living in the Seattle area for the past 7 years. I thought for sure I could purchase true Finnan Haddie at Pike’s Place Seafood Market in downtown Seattle, but alas what I have purchased from them in the past doesn’t even come close to yours. It has been so disappointing that I haven’t looked for it for over 5 years and was resigned to think that a visit to Scotland was going to be my only hope. I’m not sure if they have a huge demand for it here in Seattle, but if they do it would be great if it was your product that they offered us. Thank you again for providing such a delicious and honest product. I will be ordering for myself again for the Easter holiday.  Best Regards, Toni – Toni W. WA | March 4, 2014

The taste and texture of the finnan haddie was perfect. Thank you for bringing the taste of Scotland to our doorstep in Colorado. Alex and Anne– Alex A. CO | Feb 13th, 2014

Dear Richard, The Finnan Haddie you shipped to us was the very best Finnan Haddie we have ever had! With my Norwegian parents, it was our traditon to have Finnan Haddie every Christmas Eve – not “lutefisk” 🙂 We used to be able to buy it in local stored, but for a number of years we’ve had a hard time finding it, and when we did find it, the fish was thin & “tough”. Yours was perfect! Many thanks. “tusen takk” (Norwegian).– Nancy & Gordon W. NH | Jan, 2014

My family has a tradition that we think we can trace going back dozens of generations and literally hundreds of years–a tradition that includes a family breakfast of “Haddie and Robs” for Christmas. “Robs” are a special kind of scones, supposedly named after an Uncle Rob in Scotland who could eat 100 of them in one sitting. Haddie, you can guess. I’m telling you this story because by the time my generation came along my parents were ordering a frozen case of finnan haddie from the local grocery meat department. The finnan haddie was thin, boney, and not very flavorful. The kids would eat it, because of the tradition, but it was not great and had lost prominence in the meal to the scones. Well, as you may remember, about 6 years ago I discovered you. Your finnan haddie from Maine was better than anyone in two generations could recall. Suddenly, we were running out of haddie on Christmas morning. What a great problem to have! I just wanted to thank you for helping us return to what the haddie must have been like that my ancestors were feasting on for Christmas 100 years ago in Scotland. You’re the best!.– Robert S. UT | Dec, 2013

Richard, I just finished my traditional Finnan Haddie and Pickled Walnuts for breakfast, and I must say your product truly put a smile on my face. Thank you for making such a quality product. You will always be on my Christmas List every year.

For preparation, I simply warm it in the oven in a covered glass dish adding whole milk, butter, and a pinch of coarse ground pepper. It is truly amazing, and a meal I look forward to. This wonderful fish eaten with the pickled walnuts has been our traditional breakfast meal passed down for generations. My Great Grandfather came to the United States in the 1870’s and brought this tradition with him. Now I tell my children and grandchildren the story in hopes they can keep this tradition alive.– Tom R. IA | Dec, 2013

Hi Richard, Just to let you know that the Finnan Haddie was a HUGE success. People asked for your contact information, and commented on the subtle mystery of the smokiness, the moist tenderness, and overall sensuousness of the dish. Skinning was easy, but I’m flummoxed about the milk amount. I used ~4 cups for 3 lbs of haddie, which is proportionately way off from the recipe, but was more than adequate. Just sayin’ . . . :). I do have some yummy leftovers, too. Thanks so much.– Marcia R. MA | Dec, 2013

My shipment arrived last night, nicely packed and fully frozen. A skillet of Richard’s Finnan Haddie, a pan of gingerbread, and a flagon of Antholl Brose… Christmas is saved!– Byron Mc. NV | Dec 19th, 2013

Hi Richard- My daughter attended the University of St Andrews for four years, and developed a love for smoked fish during her time in Scotland. So, we recently ordered your Finnan Haddie, and my wife made Cullen Skink for my daughter’s birthday. It’s a week later and we’re all still talking about how great it was. The Haddie was perfectly smoked, and had incredible flavor and texture. My daughter says it was her best birthday present ever. Thanks for producing such a terrific product!  – John S. NY | Nov 20th, 2013

Cooked my first Stonington Finnan Haddie last night.  Absolutely spectacular.  I will be a return customer for years to come.– Jeffery T. OH | Nov 18th, 2013

Hi Richard: just want to congratulate you on your product-not had Finny that good since I was a kid in Sheffield more years ago than I care to admit to…  – John B. MA | Nov 12th, 2013

Just had to tell you that your thick 1lb packs continue to exceed my expectations. I never ever expected to buy fish of this quality this side of the pond. I had been searching since 1996 and cannot imagine how I did not learn of you earlier. Your product is just superb. It is the perfect level of smoking which retains the flavour and delicacy of the fish. Oh, I could just wax lyrical at the joy and pleasure of those succulent pieces. All the other smoked haddock I have tried in the USA is like comparing sawdust to caviar.– Patrick M. FL | Sept 26th, 2013

Richard, I recently received first order and yesterday poached the 16oz pack which I had put in the freezer. I thawed and followed your instructions to the letter. Result: the best tasting haddock since I left the UK, with two poached eggs – delicious! …. Fantastic product!  – Patrick M. FL | Sept 16th, 2013

Good Morning Mr. Penfold, I recieved an order of Finnan Haddie this past Tuesday and want to tell you how delicious it is. I recently spent two months home in England and ate smoked haddock from Sainbury’s but it did not compare with yours. Maybe you should go over and show them how it is done !
Many thanks, I will order from you again
– Sandra J. CT | July 2013

Many years ago, my wife and I each had parents who loved finnan haddie. It was a special dinner that we had once yearly, twice if we were lucky. We received our first shipment of your spectacular brand of finnan haddie last week. We were both transported back 45 years, to another time, a past that we enjoyed as children. The aroma, texture and especially the flavor took us back to the late 60’s when a Sunday finnan haddie dinner was prepared. We have both looked, unsuccessfully may I add, for that finest of fish fillets since we married. Finding your website was a gift, a well appreciated gift. We thank for the culinary trip back to our childhood. – Kurt & Carla K. MI | Jan 2013

I got my order yesterday, had one package for dinner last night…..It was sooooo good…Thank you Richard…again, I didn’t share….– Janet M. NJ | Jan 2013

Richard, My sister, Kathy, told me she had found a source for our Holiday Finnan Haddie that she thought would be as good as we have gotten in the past. Well she was WRONG..!  (As an older sister historically is suppose to be. (just joking)).  Anyway the Finnan Haddie she got from you was far better than anything we have eaten in the past.  A real treat with old English quality..!
My grandfather was born in England and we grew up having the best Haddie that could be found in the inter mountain west around Idaho, generally from a fish market in salt lake city.  The Haddie you sent was absolutely fabulous…. the thick fillets, the large white flakes, the smoked flavor all perfect. The only draw back was we had to ration the 40 lbs for breakfast… since all the grand kids proclaimed it the best they’d ever eaten.  However I did hide a package for new years morning.  Anyway I just wanted to thank you for a great product and outstanding service, from what Kathy tells us…. You will definitely see future orders from us – Ken T. ID | Jan 2013

Richard, The batch you sent this time was even better than last year and that is saying something.  I made that Cullen Skink recipe for Thanksgiving and it was wonderfully delicious.  I wanted you to know though that Christmas dinner was over the top good. The person that like the saltier one was my Dad last year but he raved about it this year (everyone else did too) and wanted to know who produced it. I told him how I found your site and also told him he could add more salt if he wanted and he said no, it was perfect.  He said he’d never had better finnan haddie.  I am convinced that there is nobody in America that can smoke haddock as good as you. In fact not even close. Please keep up the great work!  It is quite a skill that you have and I will always be a customer!– Mark L. OH | Jan 2013

Richard, My wife Wendy just bought another 5 packs of Finnan Haddie. I have to say, it’s the very best! We made dinner for friends last night and they too were lauding your praises. Thanks for making such a delicious product.. – Alan Z. | Dec 2012

Hey Richard, Hope you had a lovely Christmas!  Just wanted to let you know that the Haddock is selling.  I used it to make eggs benedict for Christmas morning breakfast. (Whisking Hollandaise while hungover is not fun). Anyway, your Finnan Haddie blew my mind… It was a huge hit.  Best I have EVER had.  By a long shot.  Truly remarkable…
Thanks!– Peter S. NY | Dec 2012

Richard, Had the kedgeree. My compliments. Stunning taste — utterly evocative. I spent my teenage years on the Moray Firth — not too many miles from the village of Findhorn (as in Finnan). Findhorn, I think, no longer has a fishery. But we had a salmon & haddock smokehouse in our local harbour of Hopeman. Your haddie is as good as theirs. Can’t say better than that. – John B. MD | Nov 2012

My sister, Vicki and I used to enjoy finnan haddie as children.  Our English grandmother would make it along with a garlic aioli sauce that she spent hours whipping up with a wooden spoon.
Vicki was diagnosed with lung cancer.  The doctors only gave her a 15% chance of survival.  She underwent months of extremely aggressive, painful and sickening radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Whenever I would talk to her , she would say that if she recovered and got her taste-buds working again, that she would come to my house and we would celebrate with a big finnan haddie dinner.  Miraculously, Vicki survived and recovered.  She told me she was coming from Las Vegas to southern California to visit.  I wanted to make her a dinner just like our grandmother’s.  I had ordered the fish from three different places before and had been dissatisfied with the quality if what I received. The pieces were skinny, chewy , salty, boney or over-smoked.  After reading the testimonials on your site, I decided to try yours.  You had, BY FAR, the BEST finnan haddie filets.  They were thick, not salty or boney and were smoked just right. I was able to make a perfect finnan haddie dinner for Vicki, just like our grandmother used to make.  We even served the aioli sauce with grandma’s old wooden spoon. Thank you for helping our family to celebrate the lives of my sister and grandmother.
I will be ordering more fish from you real soon.– Michael B. CA | Sept 2012

This wonderful company provides the very best of a product that is very difficult to find.  Their Finnan Haddie is the best of the best. Great care is taken to pack this wonderful smoked fish and it is shipped promptly, arriving in excellent condition.  The one pound packages are perfectly sealed and frozen and are just the right size for most recipes.  I placed my first order (and it certainly will not be my last!) in August. I live in Las Vegas and the temperature was around 112 degrees during the day. Nevertheless, my shipment arrived in perfect condition.  Yes, the Finnan Haddie is expensive but certainly worth the price.  Fine food presented at its peak is always worth the price.  I hope to enjoy sharing your Finnan Haddie with friends for many years to come.– Kent J. NV | Aug 2012

Richard, you are the master…..the finnan haddie was perfect . Thank you thank you thank you.  I had a wonderful dinner just eating this fish took me down memory lane. I will be ordering more in the future, thank you.– Janet M. NJ | July 2012

This is the best Finnan haddie in the land. Richard is a smoke master who understands the intricacies of his fish and believes deeply in the product he makes and distributes. We always have a few packages of his fine Finnan haddie in the freezer for Cullen skink, Omelettes Arnold Bennett, etc. Shipping is fast and efficient and Richard gives great customer service.– Christopher T. CA | March 2012

I received my delivery of finnan haddie right on time last Thursday, exactly as promised, and what a GREAT batch it is. I made my grandmother’s Nova Scotia recipe for finnan haddie for the family last night — it is the first time it her recipe has been made since she died in 1992 because we haven’t been able to get the smoked haddock anywhere. The haddock was perfectly smoked, not discolored, not dried out and not over smoked. Kudos to you, Richard, and your staff for a perfect haddock product. And thank you for helping me give this recipe back to my family. I made a second batch for lunch today at my mother’s house and between my mom (now 82)and my brothers the batch was gobbled down with requests for more. I will be placing another order really soon, and you have earned my business for life. Thanks again.– Jeannine L. MA | December 2011

Hi Richard — Had your Finnan Haddie for dinner tonight — my Scottish husband is in heaven (and me too!) Absolutely delicious. We will definitely be ordering again. Thanks very much! – Wendy C. CA | December 2011

Finnan Haddie is an old Christmas breakfast tradition in our family. I ordered some of yours and my Mom ordered some from one of your competitor smokehouses (also from Maine) to see who would supply us next year. Yours won by 5 to 1 vote (one person liked the too salty one better). Everyone agreed that yours was perfect though Richard and you’ll be getting another order next year. Thank you…it was delicious, tender, packed perfectly, on time and smoked just right.– Marc L. OH | December 2011

I was searching for smoked haddock for a special Christmas breakfast and couldn’t find it anywhere in NYC. I found Richard’s site on December 21st at 1:30 p.m. Even tho it was 1/2 hour past his deadline for shipping for Christmas, he held the UPS truck while he packed my order and it arrived on the 23rd as promised. The haddock was the best I’ve ever had, and his family recipe for finnan haddie was delicious. It’s not cheap, but the quality and service were worth every penny and I like buying from someone who runs a small operation and really cares about his product. I’ll definitely order again, and again, and again.– Toni L. CA | December 2011

I was born and raised in the UK and grew up eating smoked haddock- I’ve never had such high quality, tasty fish as that I’ve tried from Richard Penfold. The fish is juicy and smoked to the perfect degree- it’s worth every penny. I’ve been ordering the fish for a while now and will continue to do so for as long as Richard keeps making it!– Paul C. IN | November 2011

My family has been celebrating Christmas morning with creamed Finnan Haddie on toast (really a béchamel with hard boiled eggs and finnan haddie over buttered sourdough toast) since before I was born. I am now 54 years old, so I have some experience to draw on. Every year, I search for the Scottish product, but it is becoming almost impossible to find, exorbitantly expensive, and when I do find it, it has usually weathered transportation and storage questionably, and I have found that in the last several years the quality seems to have declined. This year, my local fish market was unable to locate any, so I found your website and ordered 3lbs. It arrived in perfect condition, and even included a pretty sprig of greens; a pleasant surprise. I followed the poaching instructions on your website (a new technique to me), and my 3 grown daughters and I made the dish for Christmas breakfast. Without question, yours is the finest, most succulent, perfectly smoked and delicately textured Finnan Haddie we have ever enjoyed. I won’t be searching any further. Even better, it is made in New England (my family is from Vermont, so there is a little pride in that), so you’ve beat the Scots at their own game. I own an artisan bread bakery in northeast Ohio, and we pour our lives into our hand-crafted product, which gives me a perspective on the work you do that others may not have. I cannot recommend your Finnan Haddie more highly. It is superb in every way. Thank you for taking my family’s Christmas tradition to a new level. (A side note: I have 2 degrees from New England Culinary Institute, so there is a chance I know whereof I speak). Thank you for offering such an incredible American product. You do excellent work.– Willard C. Western Reserve Bread company, Chagrin Falls, OH | January 2011

My shipment came through on time and in perfect condition. I could not wait to try it, so I didn’t… It was great! Also, the packaging was perfect. I am sure you do not get many orders from ND, But I have been looking for a vendor with a great product and reasonable shipping charges for a long time. I am glad I finally found someone– Tim G. Bismarck, ND | October 2011

The best Finnan Haddie we have ever had and we have been buying it in Maine for more than 40 years.– Mary B. East Boothbay, ME | March 2011

By the way, Finnan Haddie, my dad was a weir fisherman. He said haddie was Neptune’s Bouquet. Whenever we caught one in the weir, we’d salt it and hang it high in the scow gallows to dry. Then the gulls would come along and steal it. A Merry Christmas to you and family.– Mike B. Northport, ME | December 2010

The Finnan Haddie is simply great!! It was somewhat different than what I had in the past. It is much more moist and fresh tasting. The old stuff had to be soaked before using. I know it is the best I have had and I would recommend it to anyone!!! I hope you had a great Christmas and will have wonderful new year!!! Thanks so much for your great service!– Eric S. Aberdeen, OH | December 2010

Loved your smoked haddock.– Kelly C. South Berwick, ME | September 2011

I’ve bought their Finnan Haddie for years and their product is fantastic and their customer service is wonderful. I’ve never had a complaint and will use them for years to come.– Helen A. Santa Barbara, CA | December 2010